Aug 26, 2011

Wedding Post part one

Well thank you for being so patient with the wedding photos.  I know no one wanted to see them more than I did and let me tell you they turned out beautiful!  Below is an assortment of photos from the Reception.  I know that's a little backwards since we didn't have the reception first but it was the most fun part by far = what a party it was!  I had a blast and I'm pretty sure everyone else did as well.  It was a perfect day!  The skies threatened rain but then, about 30 minutes before our photography session and reception set up the clouds parted into the most beautiful sky with perfect not too hot, not too cold weather!  My family, and especially my mom worked so hard to get the backyard looking perfect and the amazing decorations and treats!  I am so thankful to everyone who worked so hard to make my wedding day so special!  I feel like the luckiest girl to have two more receptions to attend!!!

you can't get anything more delicious than a juicy Oregon berry!

I have a sweet tooth - so I expected those coming to the reception to have one as well.  Isn't the table just beautiful?


The real joy of the evening was Zeb and my sweet sweet niece and nephews!  I can't wait for my new nephew to join the bunch in about a week or so!!!!


A very special, extra amazed, huge, 
Goes out to my new sister Savannah McBride.  From the moment I met Savannah she has not stopped amazing me with her talent for creating beautiful things with ease.  Even though she drove 12 hours to the wedding she still agreed to be the decorator of my wedding cake!  It turned out better than I dreamed a wedding cake could even turn out!  It was seriously (and I'm not just saying this or exaggerating) the most beautiful cake I have seen at a wedding in my career of attending weddings. 

a post cutting picture is all I have so far.... as soon as I get the pre-cut picture of the whole ensemble I'll post

 There were three of these beauties!  I felt so spoiled that everything came together and the theme (imagined by my BFE (Best Friend Ever - Brianna) was perfect and fit me and my dreams of my wedding in the most splendid way!

 Our First dance as husband and wife.  Sadly I forgot to put my heels back on, but it gives everyone a chance to see our true height difference :)  The most brilliant thing I did was edit the songs to 2 minutes... so it was a perfect dance and not long enough to be awkward!  A big THANK YOU to the other couples who danced during the parent's dance - I love it, totally made my night!

Do you love the flower in my hair as much as I do?!?!  LOVE!

Doesn't this picture just make you believe in true love?!?!  I love my parents

Anna was my hairstylist extraordinaire - made my hair so beautiful for the reception... I loved it!

And as a little preview of the next post, this is from the photo shoot of the bridal party at the most beautiful location with the very friendly grasshoppers who loved my dress as much (if not more) than I did

Are you so sad you missed the party?  Never fear!  I'm sure we will be having one in a state near you next weekend!!  Catch our Reception September 2nd in Burley Idaho or our open house September 3rd in American Fork Utah!!  I couldn't be more excited to do it all again!!!