Aug 2, 2011

So it turns out I really am sick and not just stressed.  Poor Zeb was getting worried I was getting cold feet.  I went to the doctor yesterday and tried to convince him I have developed stress induced Irritable Bowl Syndrome.  He didn't believe me.  Turns out its more likely an ulcer or even more likely stones in my Gal Bladder.  Let me tell you they are really not great.  I had some blood work done and I'll get the results in a few days and have to go back later this week for an ultrasound of my gal bladder and then I'll meet with the doctor again next Monday to go over everything.  But from the pain I felt when he pushed on my Gal Bladder we are both pretty sure of what the problem likely is.  Also, it turns out you can't pass a gal bladder stone like you can a kidney stone - they'll have to cut it out of me.  However, that is also likely why I'm having so much trouble loosing weight.  Yesterday was kind of a sad day for me.  But I have all sorts of meds to hopefully help if it is an ulcer!  whoot whoot.