Sep 28, 2011

24 hours

Well I've been dairy free for 24 hours.  Unfortunately I'm feeling pretty good.... which to me is a horrible sign!  I googled dairy free last night for some lazy "research" and found that from all the believers out there I should already be 3 lbs lighter with less zits on my face and running circles with all the extra energy I have.  I'm not, however taking less trips to the bathroom is enough improvement for me.

Last night I had a hard time cooking dinner with Zeb, looking at the cake with the delicious frosting I couldn't eat, the creamy sauces we couldn't put in our soup and I feel so bad this is affecting Zeb - mostly because he loves creamy things (potatoes) and he does most the cooking!  So really it affects him most of all.  But if I become healed I might just have to learn to love soy milk... who knows... maybe some day I will.

There is the most beautiful dragon fly frozen in time on the grass outside our apartment.  Like all the bugs around our house it's HUGE and it's beautiful wings glisten in the sun.  I'm sad such a beautiful thing is dead, and perplexed at why it landed in the grass and never left.  I'm going to try to take some pictures of it tonight with our new camera.....  wish me luck!