Sep 27, 2011

I'm so sick again.  Not a cold, I got over that (and thankfully so has Zeb)  after a weekend of complete and utter lock down to ensure no one else was subjected to this nightmare of a week long cold my stomach started doing horrible horrible things to me.  I'm not even going to tell you how horrible.  But it was horrible enough that I decided I'd either come down with a stomach flu or my ulcer pills had quit working entirely (meaning I don't have an ulcer after all or it's made 0% healing progress in the 2 months I've been taking the drugs for it).  


So thankfully I received a blessing - and I have had zero progress since then, but I do have an appointment with my doctor again who has taken me off all dairy for two weeks and wants me to keep a food journal of everything that goes into my mouth (drinks included) and the times, followed by all my symptoms and the time of the sympotoms.  Poor doctor.  No one should have to read in depth what my tummy is going through for two weeks.  Let's just say I'm slightly worried about becoming dehydrated.


Goodbye cheese, butter, milk, yogurt, chocolate, ice cream, and pretty much everything worth living for.  I secretly hope you are not the problem and I can take you back in 14 long long days.

In the midst of all of this Zeb wants to know if I want to go to Idaho this weekend.  Of course I do!  Do I think I'll make a 4 hour car trip with my stomach being as horribly behaved as it is? (horrible, horrible, horribly)  I don't know... I want to make the trip for him but I don't want to make it for me..... we'll see - maybe with cutting out diary I'll miraculously recover by Friday.... somehow (remember - how horrible) I doubt it.