Sep 20, 2011

I did it!  I managed to bring all the right papers, find the offices, and dutifully stand in line and after 3 grueling hours, one written DMV test, missing my exit on the freeway, and an Einstein Bagel as a reward I'm Lisa Davis McBride.  Close call though, after all was said and done my "temporary" license said Lisa Marie McBride, but I caught it quick enough and they made it right.  On Top of it all I even got Oregon to send me my registration stickers for my car that I paid for in July and still haven't received.  I needed them sent to me before they realized I've changed my residency.

Interesting characters that hang out at the DMV and Social Security Offices..... I was glad I was in and out of there relatively fast.  

Now all I have to do is get used to saying McBride when people ask me what my name is.  That might be the hardest part of the whole process.

I know right now you thinking "Did I read that right.... she had to take the written test at the DMV?"  Why yes I sure did - that's why it took so long.  But never fear I got 24/25 right for a 96%  So you can feel very safe with me behind the wheel Utah, after all I am an Oregon driver - not a Utah driver at heart.