Sep 19, 2011

Lisa Davis McBride

This is almost my new name!  I finally have rounded up all the paperwork to go stand in line for hours at the DMV and Social Security Offices.  Wahoo!  I decided when I got married to loose my middle name Marie and change it to my maiden name of Davis.  A lot of thought went into this decisions actually.... call me sentimental... or whatever you would like really.

I wanted to change my name right away and jump into the swing of being a married woman but this was not to be seeing as I need to also change my residency at the same time to Utah vs. Oregon.  This required having my mom mail me a bunch of things on top of waiting for Oregon to mail us an official copy of our marriage certificate.  Well, now I've got it all.  I just have to find the time to go stand in all those lines and get ready enough to have my Drivers License Picture taken!  Wish me luck