Sep 15, 2011

I have been so sick you guys!  So sick.  In three hours on Monday night I went from kinda sleepy with a dry throat to exhaused and a throat so sore I couldn't swallow cause it hurt all the way up to my ears!  So I've been sitting on the couch and feeling bad about not working.... this lead to sneaking into work for as much as I could handle and then back home.  I've been slightly productive like I filled the bottles on our new spice rack with our spices and finished the thank you cards.  But mostly I've been moaning and rolling around taking the covers off and putting them on a million times a day, etc. etc.  Today however, I'm back at work and guess what - no one else is here because they are all home sick!  I love working when the office is empty - I can do things like update my blog and no one bothers me! 

I think tonight I'll update my ipod so I have more interesting things to listen to at work :)  Happy thursday!  I hope you don't get this terrible cold - but if you do your head will be clear in about 3 days, although your nose will still be hell-a-stuffy.  It's a dangerous world out there!