Feb 16, 2012

A bathroom tale

you might be interested to know that I (unless emergency dictates it) never used the handicapped restroom stall. 

Why you might ask..... let me tell you

Upon hitting the ripe old age of about 10 or 11 I was on an outing to the Portland Zoo with my family.  Shortly after visiting the elephants we stopped for a pit stop at the closest restrooms.  I went in and of course chose the roomy stall with the the handrail, and other fancy accommodations.  I happened to be the only one in the restroom.  Shortly after making myself comfortable in such a fine stall, a girl in a wheelchair came in to use the facilities.  Not just a haphazard leg injury but a whole realm of issues had this young woman confined to her wheelchair with tubes and braces.  After a few moment I heard the person helping her say (Despite all the open stalls) "I'm sorry, you're just going to have to wait - someone is in the handicapped stall"  For the first time ever I realized the large stall I had chosen was not just for the lucky few who happened to find it first-come-first-serve, but all that space served a purpose.  Mortified I quickly finished up and exited the stall with my head down and whispered a soft "I'm sorry."  From that day on I try, whenever possible, to take the stall appropriate to my size

However, the bathroom at work only has two stalls, the "non-handicap" stall is the only one currently working.  This causes me some concern, even though there are no handicap people at work.  What can you do....?