Feb 15, 2012

Follow me friends!

Now, I happen to know a lot more people read this blog than just the 11 followers I have.  Would you do me a HUGE favor (which I think will benefit you as well).  If you stop by here fairly often to see what I'm up to and how I've embarrassed myself most recently, would you take a minute and click on the follow button on the top left hand corner of the screen?  It's super easy and will literally take you about 15 seconds.....  not only will I feel more popular and cool, but it would help me out because I'd love to know who reads my blog.... then I can write you love notes, and thank you properly for stopping by often, and be nice and personal and all that jazz.  Thanks!

Loves to you all, whomever you may be!


PS:  Since I know you come for the pictures and not my ramblings.... Here you go:

Love my niece and her love for all things electronic!  You should have seen here trying to catch me while we were on Skype!  A.Dora.Ble