Feb 13, 2012

It snowed finally


After a terribly grumpy day last week I was sitting at work wondering why I was acting like such a child when it hit me - I'm sick!  My ears ached, I had a horrible dry cough, and my throat felt like I ate something very very sharp that left a wound running down the length of it.  I went home a slept the whole day away and then I felt better!  However, I over did it on Saturday (I'm not very good at being sick.... I don't like to sit still - that's why my mom always told me to at least act like I'm sick).   So when I woke up to a snow filled valley on Sunday I decided I could be sick on a day like that and I was sick all day yesterday (well... mostly)  We spend the day cuddled under two blankets on the couch watching movies and TV shows in the dark until an early bedtime. 

I think a snow day is the perfect kinda of day to wrap up in blankets on the couch and drink warm drinks.  Aren't the mountains beautiful covered in snow!?!


On a side note: 
Isn't this little fella cute?!?!  He didn't smell so cute... but that's beside the point.  He came to visit at work the other day and I promptly set him on my desk to keep me company until he had to go home. 
Cute visitors is one of the perks of working at a pet food factory I guess