May 24, 2012

The case of the missing green pepper plants

Curious and curiouser......

Two nights ago, after failed attempts at watermelon, tomatoes, green onions, and something else I had 8 green pepper plants and two zucchini plants and a flower pot successfully growing on the patio.  Who needs 8, you read that right 8, green pepper plants?!?! 

So the other night I decided to add a tomato plant, and some basin and oregano so the garden.  After the ease of planting store bought vs. seed starters I think next year I won't even mess with the seed starting.  So I dug up 4 of my lesser looking green pepper plants and replaced them with the new additions.  

Green Pepper, Basin, Oregano, Green Pepper, and flower pot

See all four plants there?

This rectangular box had two green pepper plants and one tomato plant, (and of course the round planter of zucchini that is thriving) last night.

But this morning, when I went out to check on my flower seedlings, I noticed I am missing TWO GREEN PEPPER PLANTS!!!  What?!?!?!  There are not holes in the soil where they were pulled out, in fact there is not a trace of them at all!  No stems, no roots, no withering out of dirt plants, no holes in the dirt!  Nothing but clippings from the hedges which were trimmed yesterday by the HOA, which I suspect might have something to do with my missing green pepper plants.  These were the healthiest ones too!  Two days again I had 8 green pepper plants,

today, only two.

Weird!  and who does that???