Aug 29, 2012

The Steakhouse

To celebrate our anniversary as a real occasion and not just the semi-vague "going on a cruise" we had dinner at the cruise's steak house.  We had a beautiful table with an amazing view.  Our wait staff was really nice and the food was


Off centered crab cake

Shrimp Cocktail

caesar salad

Then right before our very eyes was the most beautiful sunset at sea!  I was a little sad I couldn't leave the restaurant to get better pictures of it - but was so romantic!

Surf N' Turf - with the best lobster I've ever eaten

filet mignon

The food presentation was awesome!  Afterwards we sat at the comedy club for a few shows which was the highlight of the cruise, I LOVED the comedians!  Each night I felt so spoiled to come home to a freshly made bed with the next days itinerary and a towel creation.  I wish I could have brought the room service home with me! :)