Feb 16, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Last year I made a wreath for each holiday.  Nesting, my mom called it.

In fact, my mom and I made this Valentines wreath together.  Then this year I pulled it out at the end of January and proudly hung it on the door to my house.

At which point the ribbon un-tied and the wreath fell to the tile floor and shattered.

I was sad.  Not horribly sad, because, well life just happens. But I put it aside and ignored the problem since I didn't know what to do and didn't want to think about it, there it sat.  One day I came home from work late and Zeb was already at school and I walked into the kitchen to see it looking just like this!  Beside it sat a love note from my amazing husband.

You would never even know it was broken!
Now when I look at this silly wreath, I think of:
A- my mom's visit
B - how crafty I am
C -how much my husband loves me

It means the world to me this silly wreath.  It's the best valentines I've ever received (even though it was weeks before valentines).  I have always had a wonderful valentines day, even when I was single.  But this one, this valentines day is my very favorite so far.

In other news, I have been contemplating what I want to do with all my old journals.  I've actually re-read them, and they are quite silly and juvenile.  I don't want them sitting around for my kids to read, and my family to read when I'm gone.  But those silly stories are a part of me and I can't just let them go.  Silly that I've been thinking about this for quite awhile right?  (Like since 2-3 years before I even got married).  I'm thinking about using them as a reference and quoting from them as I write my life history.  A private book for me so I can keep everything honest.  The whole story, but with the hormones and teenage drama taken out.

Have you ever written your life history?