Apr 17, 2013

Real Beauty

I have always loved the idea of the Dove real beauty campaign. The psychology behind media and body image and the fact that women from countries that don't have as much media (TV, Magazines, etc) don't seem to have the self-loathing that we women in America lean on.  I also find it so interesting that you can shelter your children as much as possible from this and yet somehow, they still have a tendency towards dieting and conforming with society.  If you don't know this about me, someday, after having children I hope to become a counselor for people with eating disorders and study this more and hopefully help some people learn to love who they are, no matter what society thinks.  We can really only alter so much about ourselves so why not spend that time on appreciating rather than changing.

But things like this fascinate me, it's well worth 3 minutes of your time:

Oh, and while I'm on the subject - here are a few other fascinating videos.  Make you think about the way you see yourself and how accurate you really are in your assessments:

Food for thought eh?